ESG investing

Successfully building an emerging markets real asset portfolio

A major asset owner decided to expand into high-growth real asset investments in emerging markets while remaining compliant with corporate ESG commitments.

  • Challenge

    A pension fund that was boosting its allocation to high-return real assets in emerging markets requested our assistance. They wanted insight into the country and project-level ESG and physical climate change risks for investments in timber and agricultural holdings, including high-risk, soft commodities.

  • Solution

    Projects deemed high-risk because of their country and/or commodity profiles were analysed for the full spectrum of ESG and climate risks. We provided in-depth, project-level research, company screening and customised iterations of our national and subnational country ESG+P data, as well as our analytics on key commodities.

  • Outcome

    The client has gained confidence in its ability to identify, track and integrate ESG and climate risks into its decision-making for real assets in emerging markets. They can pursue the most lucrative opportunities with greater peace of mind when it comes to avoiding return-busting ESG risks.