Country risk analysis

Scenario mapping of election outcomes

We were tasked by an international oil company to provide detailed scenario mapping of legislative elections that would inform a market entry decision.

  • Challenge

    The client needed to understand the potential outcomes of a mid-term election in Argentina and how viable/sustainable the government’s reform agenda would be in the second half of the administration.

  • Solution

    Our country risk analysis service provided the client with regular updates on the expected electoral outcome, and detailed scenario mapping on the potential impact on policy and legislative reform. Our team of regional experts was also available for regular telephone briefings during and after field research trips to understand the client’s most pressing requirements and engage with the relevant stakeholders on the ground.

  • Outcome

    The client had a solid understanding of the electoral and policy trends, enabling senior management to make a crucial investment decision during a potentially volatile election period. The scenario mapping allowed the client to make the decision understanding how various electoral outcomes could impact key reform areas in the short and medium term, facilitating the projection of operating costs internally.