Metals & mining

Risk assessment strategy for a controversial mine in West Africa

We worked with a mining client on an operation in a seriously conflict-affected country – in anticipation of a potential initial public offering on a major international exchange.

  • Challenge

    The client asset had attracted controversy due to its previous role in severe civil conflict, as well as issues linked to community relations, local underdevelopment and domestic politics. In anticipation of an IPO – and conscious of external concerns – we were engaged to assess risks linked to the project; the ability of the client to manage them; and ways by which it could reduce its overall risk profile.

  • Solution

    We carried out extensive fieldwork at the mine and its surrounds, during which we engaged with stakeholders ranging from the mine leadership through to local police. This was with the aim of identifying risks and opportunities relevant to the mine’s operational continuity, long-term value and assessment by potential investors – as well as the means by which these could be better managed.

  • Outcome

    The exercise produced a comprehensive, prioritised assessment of ‘holistic’ risks – ranging from labour rights to community conflict – and set out a range of recommendations that helped the client reduce its overall risk profile