Human rights due diligence

Human rights impact assessment for mining major

We worked with a mining major to deliver a cutting-edge human rights impact assessment at site-level, in full alignment with the United Nations Guiding Principles.

  • Challenge

    In order to broaden its understanding of human rights issues at operational level, the client contracted us to deliver an on-site HRIA at a mine site in Peru. One of the aims of this operational-level HRIA was to better understand human rights impacts in the local value chain.

  • Solution

    Ahead of the on-site assessment, we completed a desk-based assessment of human rights risks using our human rights indices, data provided by the company, public input and NGO reports. The on-site HRIA then verified the results of this assessment, and ensured less visible risks were captured. The HRIA also provided insight into specific impacts associated with vulnerable groups such as children and minorities.

  • Outcome

    The HRIA analysed the type, volume and severity of impacts, as well as identified previously unknown issues. The results of the assessment were integrated by the company in to their annual sustainability report.