Disruption risk

Natural hazards assessment for a global portfolio of sites

We generated quantitative natural hazard risk profiles for 100 manufacturing sites globally to provide a strategic overview of exposure across operations for a client in the automotive sector.

  • Challenge

    With a global network of manufacturing sites, the client required a comparable view of natural hazards threats across its operations to inform resilience planning at the corporate level. Given the number of operational locations, the sites faced a wide range of natural hazard types and combinations.

  • Solution

    Our suite of subnational natural hazard risk indices were used to obtain scores for each site for a number of hydrometeorological threats, including tropical cyclones, extra-tropical cyclones, droughts, severe storms, flooding and climate change vulnerability. These profiles were accompanied by further qualitative analysis for the locations most exposed to each hazard type.

  • Outcome

    The comparable risk scores provided for each site allowed the client to directly compare its exposure levels for each hazard across all of its sites. This informed targeted checks of existing assessments and contingency plans at highly exposed locations, as well as directing the strategic focus of additional hazard mitigation expenditure.