Environment & climate change

Multi-site water risk analysis

We provided an extractive company with structured and holistic analysis of water risks across six of its key operating territories. The analysis formed a major part of a company-wide programme reviewing the organisation’s approach to water stewardship.

  • Challenge

    The client needed to develop an in-depth understanding of the spectrum of water-related risks across the business. An operating presence across five continents meant it faced very different water stewardship challenges both between countries and at different sites within countries.

  • Solution

    By combining our data and in-depth research, the client was provided with a comprehensive report presenting context- and catchment-specific information for each operational area. The analytical framework supported a comparison of the water stewardship context and associated water risks across the named sites using a criteria-based assessment framework.

  • Outcome

    Our analysis enabled the client to better understand water-related risks facing the business and how these risks could unfold over the long term. The outputs were used to foster internal stakeholder buy-in to the company’s wider water stewardship programme.