Above-ground risk

Logistics and infrastructure risk assessment

A multinational oil and gas company contacted us to procure a third-party view on the logistics and infrastructure landscape associated with two prospective hydrocarbon basins in Peru.

  • Challenge

    We supported the new ventures team at a European-based energy major by providing subnational analysis on the above-ground operating environment in two potential investment locations in Peru. This analysis was based primarily on in-country research.

  • Solution

    Issues assessed included: infrastructure support and transit for access into the field; operators in the areas of interest; surface water access, use and disposal; oilfield waste management; security and government stability; personnel logistics; and social trends.

  • Outcome

    Following the delivery of the report, senior company personnel were able to better understand risks to operations, assets and supply chains and make initial strategic and planning decisions around their long-term investments in northern and southern Peru.