Human rights due diligence
Identifying and assessing core drivers of modern slavery

We worked alongside the human rights department of a multinational ICT company to evaluate the risk of modern slavery in their extended supply chain.

  • Challenge
    In preparation for the first disclosure statement under the UK Modern Slavery Act, the client wanted to deepen their understanding of modern slavery risks in their direct operations and global supply chain – which extended into 100 countries.
  • Solution
    Combining qualitative and quantitative analysis, we conducted: (1) an industry-specific analysis of the vulnerability of workers to modern slavery, (2) a country-specific assessment of modern slavery risks, and (3) a country-specific analysis of modern slavery drivers.
  • Outcome
    The client was able to identify key areas of modern slavery risk in their business and supply chain, and key areas of vulnerability to modern slavery. The client was also able to equip key members of staff with information about what is driving these risks and so to ensure more effective mitigation efforts.