Sustainable procurement

Bespoke training for a multinational mining company

We developed a bespoke sustainable procurement training programme for a multinational mining company, with specific focus on human rights.

  • Challenge

    In order to enhance their sustainable procurement framework, the client wanted to improve their knowledge of responsible sourcing risks within the mining sector, focusing specifically on human rights issues. The client also wanted to understand how risks vary when goods are sourced at the global or corporate level, compared with the local, or mine site, level.

  • Solution

    We worked closely with the relevant teams at the company to understand the complexity of the supply chain, and develop a bespoke training programme for staff. The programme was divided into two modules, which were delivered to procurement staff at the company. The training sessions were interactive, drawing on real-world case studies, and enabling attendees to ask questions and discuss challenges.

  • Outcome

    Following delivery of the training, programme, staff better understood the principles of responsible sourcing, as well as the key human rights issues they need to consider in procurement of goods and services at both the global and local level. Staff also came away from the training with a better understanding of the company’s responsible sourcing framework, which is crucial for ensuring buy-in on all future responsible sourcing efforts.