Environment & climate change

Assessing regional climate change vulnerability

A development bank needed a way to compare climate change vulnerability across countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

  • Challenge

    The client required a data-driven approach to determine the extent and nature of vulnerability to the effects of climate change in 30 countries across the region. A detailed understanding of the unique drivers of risk present in each country was needed to compile a picture of where different types of climate action would be most beneficial.

  • Solution

    We generated bespoke indices to rank climate change exposure, population sensitivity, adaptive capacity and overall vulnerability in each of the countries of interest. Index scores were presented at the national, province and city level to provide a comprehensive assessment of the variation subnationally, as well as across the region.

  • Outcome

    Risk scores were accompanied by analysis of the individual factors within each index, to provide additional insight into the underlying drivers of vulnerability in each country. The client applied this information to develop a climate change adaptation funding programme and identify priority investment locations and sectors.