Country risk analysis

Assessing logistics and infrastructure for an oil and gas investment

We aided a logistics teams from a major oil and gas company in search of early scouting information on two areas of interest in Mexico. In particular, they wanted assessments of the accessibility of the plays and available logistics to support potential entry. 

  • Challenge

    The client was considering entry into two Mexican basins and needed an initial overview of logistics (e.g. roads, ports, railways) at a subnational level to understand the conditions and capacity of local infrastructure. In addition, the area required an assessment of local security risks and natural hazards.

  • Solution

    We responded with bespoke logistics and infrastructure analysis assessing local highways and access to the field as well as identifying external support infrastructure in nearby urban areas – such as storage, loading facilities coupled with logistics contractors.

  • Outcome

    The client revived a digestible analysis focused on the logistical environment to support the overall evaluation of the commercial opportunity presented by these two basins. The analysis served a part of the framework for the team to develop their go-forward strategy.