Country risk analysis

Anticipating shifts in the operating risk landscape

We worked with an oil and gas major to meet its requirement for continual above-ground risk assessment across its portfolio. Our Above-Ground Risk Service generated concise, timely analysis of key events impacting the energy sector in each country.

  • Challenge

    The client needed to understand what the evolving political and economic environment meant to their existing and future operations. They also sought an independent, country-comparable assessment to ‘sense check’ and challenge their internal view.

  • Solution

    Our Above-Ground Risk Service provided the client with a comparable and comprehensive review of each country within the portfolio alongside timely insight into local developments impacting the sector. This was supported by access to a team of 60 country and thematic experts to field questions and forecast likely outcomes and impacts.

  • Outcome

    Our client valued the comprehensive and independent view. They were able to stay on top of above-ground risks that could impact their operations and to identify the core drivers of risk in a given location to ensure the necessary mitigation steps are in place. In addition, they were able to communicate to senior management how above-ground risks stacked up across the portfolio.