Above-ground risk

Analysis of operational mining risks in Colombia

We worked with an international mining company to analyse risks linked to a major operation, including those linked to water impacts, dust impacts and Indigenous Peoples


  • Challenge

    The client required analysis of potential ‘gaps’ between international best practice / risk management approaches and local legal requirements with respect to the management of environmental impacts and stakeholder relations in Colombia. In part, this was to help understand the ideal ‘beyond compliance’ approaches that should be adopted with respect to the mine.

  • Solution

    We carried out an in-depth risk assessment, focused on: Water (gaps in water permitting processes, lack of consultation, etc.), dust (gaps compared to international emissions standards, related judicial risks), indigenous people (legal uncertainty of FPIC and judicial stance of social licence regulations).

  • Outcome

    The study identified clear areas in which reliance by the mine on trying to comply with local regulations would not necessarily protect it from future community opposition, judicial intervention or stakeholder activism. In addition, it provided recommendations as to how such ‘gaps’ could be addressed via the adoption of more proactive, ‘beyond-compliance’ approaches.